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The Rules

  1. Anyone can post tutorials in this community, though you do need to be a member to post.

  2. Please don't post questions – there are communities out there for asking questions such as 'how do I get this colouring' - this is not one of them. Please only post tutorials. If you have questions, we recommend you go to Icon Tutorial

  3. Please post actual tutorials - not .psds of an image with no instructions. Providing a .psd with a tutorial is fine.

  4. Please do not link back to locked communities or friends only journals - it's really annoying.

  5. Please only post tutorials you have written yourself. The one allowance in this is that we do allow the posting of tutorial lists - ie, lists of links to other people's tutorials. If you're going to be doing this though, please abide by the following rules:-

    • State that it is not your own work

    • Provide an example image of the tutorial result for each tutorial

    • Link to the tutorial (do not link back to friends only or locked communities!)

  6. We would like this to be a community for more advanced tutorials. A certain level of knowledge in a graphics programme (PS, PSP, GIMP etc) should be assumed.

  7. Please don't post really simple tutorials (such as how to turn something black and white! We've seen them out there!!).

  8. Please state what graphics programme you're using when posting a tutorial!

  9. Livejournal cuts are your friend - use them, especially when your tutorial is image-heavy. If posting any picture bigger than 350px wide, please use an LJ cut.

  10. What NOT to post:-

    • Icons you have made (unless, of course, you're posting a tutorial of how to make that specific icon)

    • Your textures, brushes or other resources (again, unless it's part of a tutorial)

  11. We have a resources list. If you know of a resource maker (or if you ARE a resource maker) and you want to provide a link to a journal / community / account, please feel free to comment to the resources post. NOTE: Please don't provide links to specific sets.

  12. DO NOT SOLICIT LINKS FOR DOWNLOADING OF ILLEGAL / CRACKED SOFTWARE. Doing so will result in your being immediately banned from the community.

  13. Please tag your posts - this really helps us keep the community in order. A list of acceptable tags can be found here.

  14. Please properly credit the resources you have used - the people out there who make resources are wonderful, we love them, credit is great. If you don't know who created your brushes and textures? Please say so and ask if anyone knows who made it - often someone out there will.

  15. Comments are great, but please be polite and respectful when commenting. If we find you being bitchy to other people and getting into arguments, we'll ban you. We don't want drama here.

  16. Please don't post anything that contains graphic nudity!

  17. We run a 'three strikes and you're out' rule - if you fall foul of these rules three times, you'll be banned.