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Header Tutorial

How to make this

First I started off with this picture, which really caught my fancy this morning. I cropped it to the size I wanted, which happened to be 800x400 for this particular one.

I sharpened the image once and duplicated it, setting that layer to screen. I duplicated again and set that to soft light, moving the soft light layer to the top. I then went back and put a gaussian blur at 2.0 on the screen layer (filer ->blur ->gaussian blur).

New layer – dark blue (#09073E) layer set to exclusion 60%

New layer – peach (#FFE1A8) layer set to multiply 30%

New layer – turquoise (#A8FFFE) layer set to colour burn 40%

New layer – bright pink (#F270F0) layer set to colour burn 20%

Now I liked this, but it seemed a little bright around the edges to me, so I added this texture by Braggadocio, resized to fit and set to multiply at 50%

Much better, I think. Now for some final touches with brushes. At this point I have to apologise since I can’t credit. I have no idea who made these brushes, but I would LOVE to know and if anyone let’s me know, I will credit immediately. In the meantime, apology over with, I first used this brush in a light tan colour (#CCBF9F), resized to fit the header.

New layer and I added this brush, again resized to fit the header (I use free transform a lot to make things fit) in a kind of purply grey colour (#AF9D96).

New layer and I used that same brush again, again resized in a dark blue (all these colours I just picked out of the image) (#3C3C49).

I was going to leave it there, but I’m incapable of having a header with no writing on it at all, so to finish it off, I added simply ‘Ian’ in Pushkin at 60 font and then free-transformed the text to be slightly slanting. I didn’t really like it though, so I set it to overlay at 100% and dropped it down to sit under the top two brush layers. Much better.

And there you go!


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