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Today I'm going to show you how to get from
to in five steps. I used photoshop cs but it should be fully translatable. <3

First, you're going to need to select the frame for your 'mirror'. I used this texture, from my framed set. I wanted a black background though, so I played around with the colors. Of course, since I am a loser, I selected a really difficult frame and had to screw around with it for a while to get the colors right. If you are not a masochist advanced in Photoshop, you may want to find an easier frame to play with.

Now take your chosen image and paste it in on top. I used a picture of Alison Sudol, if that matters to you. Play around with resizing, and carefully erase the background. I personally never use the magic wand to erase backgrounds - I don't trust it. It looks at me funny and mutters hateful comments in my sleep. I'm pretty sure it was making fun of me the other day, too. Anyway, I use my shiny stick eraser for the bulk, and a layer mask for the smaller details. Once the background of the Alison pic was erased, I resized and repositioned the frame behind her. I also duplicated my Alison layer, set it to Soft Light, and sharpened it once. I merged my picture layers and upped the contrast by 11, just to make it a bit crisper.

Merge all your subject layers (for me, this was Alison), and duplicate that layer. Lower the opacity of the bottom subject layer (I lowered mine to 65%) and move it to over the mirror. Erase everything that shouldn't be in the reflection! Easy, no? At this point, you may feel your image is done. I went on.

At this point my image still felt a little too flat for me, so I brought in a light texture. You can use any light texture - play around. I think I tried no less than two dozen, but I ultimately settled on this texture by babliz. It's very simple, but I've been fangirling it lately. Set your light texture layer to either lighten or screen, position as you see fit.

I added some tiny text, and I was done! All in all, I hope you found this tutorial helpful, inspiring, easy, and want to give me money. But I'll settle for helpful and easy to follow. Feel free to comment, I'd love to see what people make!


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May. 25th, 2008 03:09 pm (UTC)

Pays you money....gonna go try it first......i am fairly an idiot at putting two pictures on the same page...

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