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Alex Pettyfer tutorial

This isn't a particularly complicated tutorial, though it does involve curves. It was done in photoshop, but a lot of it's translatable.

We'll be going from this to .

Okay, so we start in the usual way - crop the picture down to 100x100 as you want, I decided to use his hands as the basis for a frame, focusing on the right side of the picture (centring is not a friend of mine...). Then I prepped the base by duplicating the layer once, setting it to soft light and sharpening the soft light layer to get this:-


There, nice, sharp, clear base and if this was a Hollow Art base set, I'd probably leave it there. But it's not, it's an icon, so on we go!

I'm a big fan of black and white - I actually much prefer it to colour, but I do like to mess around with colour-type shading on black and white images. So I added in a curves adjustment layer (layer --> new adjustment layer --> curves) on the following settings:-

RGB - input 104: output 97; input 184: output 168
Red - input 87: output 99; input 153: output 204
Green - input 117: output 96; input 162: output 156
Blue - input 110: output 81; input 178: output 169

That leaves you with a reddish tint to the whole thing which I actually think looks a little much - but don't worry, we're still working on it!

I wanted to add to the shadows on the right side of his face, so I added a new brightness/contrast adjustment layer and decreased the brightness to -21, whilst increasing the contrast a little to +4.

Woo! Right, let's take the emphasis away from the reddishness a little. I did this using a light texture from colourfilter (here). I flipped this horizontally as well, mostly because I thought it looked better that way round - I usually play around with the positioning of my textures to see what looks best.

When I'd started out I'd wanted to create an icon in some kind of a frame, so we get to add the frame now. I chose this one, which, I'm afraid to say, I don't know who made - though I know I found it on deviant art. As always, if anyone can help out with who made it, let me know! I slapped it on, rotated it horizontally and set it to screen. As you can see, that successfully covers up the fairly blank left hand side of the icon. Unfortunately, it also leaves a great big white space. So! I added in a vertical tiny text brush and there we are! OUr finished icon!


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