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Header Tutorial--Josh Hartnett

First Tutorial, so bear with me please. Made in Photoshop CS, but probably translateable.

OKay, we're going to make a Josh Hartnett header today, using this picture.

First, I made a new file, sized 800x450.

Now back to our image. I sharpened the image twice, Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen More since it was a ginormous file to begin with. Then I resized it so it was 450 high. Dragging it over, I put it in the lefthand side.

Then I went back to my original image, and brought it back to it's original size/resolution. I dragged it over, and moved it around a little so I liked the placement, making sure I got the tattoo in there, and enough of his profile that it looked nice. I also made sure that his shoulder would blend in well with the wall in the first pic. I set that layer underneath the first.

Using my lasso tool at Feather 3px, I took out the edges of the smaller image, so it would blend in with the larger beneath it. It's okay if it's not perfect, we'll be adding noise later to the image so it won't be as obvious a transition.
Like This.

New layer time! Set that to Pin Light, and put in this gradient.

Duplicate your base image, and drag it over the top of the Pin Light layer, and set it to Soft Light.

Create a new layer between the Pin Light and your Base. Using black, put this brush onto the layer, and use Free Transform to bring it out to the edges of your picture. (I'm sorry I don't know who originally made this and the other brush I have here, they were from the same set but I've since lost the link where I orignially got them. If anyone knows who made them, please tell me and I'll credit immediately.)

Duplicate that layer, and bring it above the Pin Light layer.

Make a new layer just above your base layer. Use this brush in white, and Free Transform again to conform it to your image size. I set it to Overlay. I made a duplicate of that layer and set it to Soft Light.

Now, I wanted to make the image a little darker, so I made a new layer above everything else, and hit ctrl + alt + shift + e to make a stamp of all my previous layers, and set it to soft light at 51%.

An extra step I did was I wanted the tattoo on the smaller image to be a little brighter to draw attention, so I used my lasso tool again at Feathered 3px and selected the tattoo from the base layer, and made a copy of it, setting it to Screen.

For text, I used the font Violation, and put in lyrics from Buffalo Trace by Local H. The white text on his shoulder was done in white, set to soft light just above the base layer. The text by the window was done in black, just over the other text layers, set to soft light. (you might want to put two layers of this, to make the text more readable. I myself wanted it faint.)

And that's it. I hope this was coherent, and I didn't miss anything. I'd love to see what people do with it if they use it.

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