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Header Tutorial - Raven

Okay! Today we're making a random header.
Happens to be this one.
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Icon Tutorial - Marion Raven

I chose this picture of Marion Raven. We'll get to this:
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Alex Pettyfer tutorial

This isn't a particularly complicated tutorial, though it does involve curves. It was done in photoshop, but a lot of it's translatable.

We'll be going from this to .

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Sarah Connor Chronicles Tutorial

Okay, so I set out to write a tutorial for the icon I made for an icon challenge the other day. Unfortunately, I hadn't saved the .psd, so I had to recreate the icon and, naturally, couldn't remember exactly what I did. I got close to my original, but not exactly the same, but that only bugs me since I'm not posting the original icon here anyhow! Nur!

Anyway! So today we're going to be going from this to Photobucket

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Today I'm going to show you how to get from
to in five steps. I used photoshop cs but it should be fully translatable. <3

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The Tutorial That Goes Like This

How to create this.

Created in Photoshop, but should be good for any decent graphics programme.

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Today I'll be showing you how to go from this to
I was going for a Silent Hill-y look. I think I succeeded. Basic details: I used Photoshop CS, but this one should be fully translatable. I used no curves, no selective coloring, and no special tools of shinydom of any kind. Heavens to crap!

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